Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forgot A Jerk

I feel somehow glad that I don't really care about that jerk as much anymore. It may still hurt sometimes, but it better than before. At some point, I really wanted to scream. That jerk was ok after we broke up. Till He ALMOST IMMEDIATELY found another girl, and they're already dating. WTH? He, whom I thought would be more understanding, immediately finds another gf. Oh wow, congrats to him. Either he never loved me and only dated me out of sheer pity, he flirts, gets bored of girls easily or he can actually super naturally suddenly not love someone after...well LESS THAN A WEEK. or maybe in fact, less than even 5 days. Can't believe I fell for it, how stupid I must've been. I don't give a damn anymore. (Pardon my language)..I Feel Like MY Life Turned Upside down, FML. Seriously, if he had no interest in the first place, why date me till I ask for one break up, realizing that it couldn't go on any further? Well,I ain't gonna curse nor obviously compliment him, gives me only bad luck in life. He can go out and mingle for all I care anymore, I don't give a care anymore. Stupid life, stupid everything that has to do with him,screw it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I need to get these negative thoughts out of my mind,but they're stuck there for as long as I feel Uncertainty..

Am i useless? Am i problematic? I feel that I bring sorrow everywhere i go. Why? I can find almost everyone feeling upset almost immediately after or before I could even say a word. I bring troubles,problems to other people and end up making them upset/angry(Any other negative feelings too). Sometimes,I wonder if I'm also giving him problems. But I love him, I'm not doubting this love but I'm not certain if he even loves me anymore. I feel crushed when I tell him about my problems, he could only show me an expression without a word at all. I feel insecure, I'm not strong, I wish he would give me a sense of security. Many adults are telling me that relationships are wrong or if I can,don't even get him to be with you. I had always believed that it isn't always bad but I'm getting uncertain. "Does he really love me?" Of course he would answer he does. "Am I going to be hurt again?" I don't know. "Is there such a thing as 'Eternal Love'?" I don't know. There's so many questions I wanna ask and get decent answers. "Does he hate me? Am I an annoying girlfriend? Am I really still worth it? Will you ever leave me?" I'm scared of the answers I'm going to get, yet I'd wish someone would tell me,give me an answer. I feel that I've already given him so many problems, I'd rather not tell anymore. It's better to keep it to myself. I'd rather die than have him hate me. I'm so negative,yet so childish,being so uncertain of many things. I trust him, but I can't bring myself to say that he definitely loves me. I'm definitely going insane, I'm not even mentally stable anymore..what is wrong with me? Why do I even have such doubts?? I'm being crushed,I can't think of any way to clear these doubts. I wish I'm certain of these matters,certain everything is fine. But how can I even think like that,when he doesn't even call me with familarity anymore?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Boring project....still unfinished. Hopefully would be completed by tomorrow.
Made up with Erikyu mei and dear.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FML, had this stupid skin disease aka fungus. Comes everytime I eat seafood or cold stuff gets in contact with my skin. Sorry for not updating my blog for awhile. Cause of this, I had to stay off9 to rest. Btw, I'm having a hard time choosing what to wear for a date, hope anyone would come and comment down on anything nice:D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hmm....I've been thinking, should I ask my relative to give me her B2ST merchandise? I could sell to Liyana and get money lol. Dan(Danielle Nuer~)& I are planning to go have a swim at the Yishun Swimming Complex on Thursday and go to my house to play Billard,swim and go to the Mini Suana on the week after the next Tuesday. I'm guessin WeiLiang and Joelle are still as lovey dovey as eva, Isabell could just be going to her mother's workplace to help. But, wateva. Myojin is humorous as always,& I will always love him~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Went to the Family Fiesta with my brother and Danielle. Mr Bala was there, principle and vice principle oso there. There was this one girl who kept getting prizes from the lucky draw. Now my father keeps naggin at me bout the phone bill. Just cuz it fkin had extra $4 in the bill than before. That old man is soo damn must keep wayyy below the budget. Just $4 dammit??!!!And he's findin trouble with me. He totally made my day suck. Makes me wanna gtfo of the house and go to Ang Mo Kio.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hmmm......Tmr is the day me and Danielle would be giving Louisse her gift. Hope she'll like it,it's a SHINEE print photo bag. Good quality and material. There was supposed to a card too but.....I kinda didn't finish it,and ended up having to give it another day.